10:36 (new journal, a love poem)

why didn’t this plate make it to the sink. i got a new journal and it’s just not the same. this is my new journal. my computer is frozen. and my brother just got home. we’re moving soon. he’ll get to a different home once we move. it’s not too far but it sure is dumb. my computer is still frozen. remember when you fell in the dark. you were so drunk. it was really funnie. i can never do my homework. one word is enough. they are so in love. why do they bless houses. they don’t go to church. i don’t go to church. great-this breaks down perfectly. +2 extra credit. end of act 1 falls right where you’d expect. 31 minutes: team assembled. someone hid the honey. i think my dad left it in my old room. what can i put in my tea. it’s not the same and i got a new journal.

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